Monitoring NGS plasma ctDNA sequencing using SNAQ-SEQ ONCO1LB internal controls

Development of Quality Control Methods for Reliable NGS Measurement of Methylome in Circulating DNA.

The use of Internal Controls in RNA based Next Generation Sequencing panels to quantitate and standardize gene fusion detection.

SNAQ-SEQ™: Use of synthetic internal standards in conjunction with Poisson Exact Test to call variants in contrived circulating tumor DNA specimens

Novel method for NGS analysis of actionable mutations in circulating tumor DNA specimens: Improve quality control and 20-fold lower sequencing required

Use of Synthetic Internal Standards to Measure Very Low Frequency TP53, PIK3CA, and BRAF Somatic Mutations in Normal Airway Epithelial Field of Injury Associated with Lung Cancer Risk.

Adventitious Agent Detection by NGS

Spike-in NGS Controls for Copy Number Assessment and Improved LOD and VAF Confidence

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