A New Generation of QC Standards for NGS

Spike-In Quality Control with our SNAQ™-SEQ Internal Standards


Eliminate false positives with greater sensitivity and accuracy at the lowest allele frequencies with our customized Accukits™


Detect adventitious agents throughout your biomanufacturing processes faster and with greater sensitivity with our customized Accukits™


Measure CNVs with dPCR-like resolution in all your NGS assays with our customized Accukits™


Eliminate false positives with our SARS-CoV-2 RNA spike-in internal standards; improved LOD and accuracy for all sequencing assays

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Develop Better Assays

Stop relying on blacklists to suppress false positives. SNAQ-SEQ internal control technology helps to optimize the chemistry to the bioinformatics and controls for predicted AND random error.

3d illustration of a  part of RNA chain from which the deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is composed

See SNAQ™ Sequence Case Studies

SNAQ™-SEQ will enable your RNASeq gene expression profiling assays to achieve digital PCR-like accuracy at a fraction of reads of traditional targeted amplicon RNA sequencing. Monitor 100s of RNA biomarkers simultaneously over 6-log dynamic range using SNAQ-SEQ RNA internal standards.

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