Quality Controls for NGS Applications

Box 1: The Ideal Quality Control Approach for Liquid Biopsies

•Picture of a tube of blood with DNA helices

Box 2: Fast and Sensitive Adventitious Agent Detection

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Box 3: High Resolution CNV Detection

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SNAQ™-SEQ spike-in controls enable the determination of the limit of blank for all targeted regions for EVERY sample. This improves call accuracy and can eliminate false positives and significantly reduce negatives.

SNAQ-SEQ spike-in controls when used through the entire workflow process can act as a full process control to more precisely estimate the starting concentration of the cell free nucleic acid samples. Doing so assists normalizing the ctDNA measurements from the same patient over time.

Be more confident in a negative result. LOB determination for every target region in every sample helps to eliminate fear of a false negative.

Copy Number Variants

Superior Copy Number Resolution by NGS

SNAQ-SEQ full exon spike-in controls provide valuable coverage normalization to improve the discriminatory resolution of CNVs. Enhanced ability to detect micro deletions and amplifications from -.5 to +3 and beyond from your NGS panel, Whole Exome or Whole Genome assays. Achieve digital PCR-like resolution from your NGS assay.


Rapid and Sensitive Adventitious Agent Detection

  • Biocontaminant testing is a critically important QC check required throughout the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process to ensure the safety and effectiveness of biologic therapies like vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic cell therapies.
  • AccuGenomics SNAQ-SEQ spike in control technology and Accukit for the detection of adventitious agents are a rapid, and highly sensitive solution with much faster turn around times than traditional processes.  They also provide confidence in the results by providing positive confirmation of the negative result.  Contact us to discuss evaluating our Accukit Biocontaminant assay and controls or custom-developing spike-in controls for your own test.

Improve LOD and throughput with an INTERNAL SARS-CoV-2 sequencing control

LOB for each sample. Trust the negative result. Increase sample throughput with high performance. RNA and cDNA controls covering the entire SARS-CoV-2 genome.

RNASeq Transcript Abundance

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