SNAQTM-SEQ Internal Standards

A collection of clinically actionable targets in CRC/NSCLC to
enable direct replacement of external reference materials with
internal standards for next generation sequencing.
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Standardized Nucleic Acid Quantification for Sequencing (SNAQTM-SEQ) is a critical QC method to provide variant specific sensitivity controls for highly important clinically actionable targets common in CRC/NSCLC testing by NGS, in every sample tested. Mixtures of synthetic DNA created to mimic the sample regions of interest are added at very low levels to each sample prior to NGS library preparation; they covary through the complex chemistry of library preparation, flow cell detection, and bioinformatics workflow, mirroring the testing performance of the sample’s native template to provide the ideal assay run control. Internal standards (IS) bring the reference material directly into the sample, eliminating the need for external run controls for more cost-efficient reagent and flow cell utilization, while also providing direct sensitivity QC of each sample.

AccukitTM CRC/NSCLC IS are added to each sample as a single reagent addition, represent genomic regions with clinically relevant cancer driver variants, and are compatible with hybrid capture and amplicon-based library prep chemistries. Internal standards provide variant sensitivity assurance, which ensures that cancer variants in the same regions would be detected (if present). The IS indicate that the test was performed with sufficient sensitivity to detect low level variants. AccukitsTM are available pre-fragmented for use with circulating tumor DNA (cfDNA), or unfragmented for FFPE or tissues.  They are easily compatible with your existing workflow, platform, and analysis pipeline.

AccukitTM CRC/NSCLC IS provides a positive control per variant to verify negative results on a per sample basis:

  • move the sensitivity QC where it matters the most — the patient’s sample
  • improves testing accuracy and throughput, reduces testing costs
Part NumberDescriptionNGS SamplesInput amountCompatibilityTargets
Cat #2074Accukit CRC/NSCLC IS1001ul/rxnamplicon or hybrid capture (e.g., ILMN TST-170, TSO500 Pillar Panel etc)KRAS (G12D/C), EGFR (L858R), EGFR (T790M), BRAF (V600E), AKT1 (E17K), ERBB2 (A775_G776insYVMA), KIT (D816V), NRAS (Q61R), GNAS (R201H), BRCA2 (G3076E/V), ESR1 (D538G), and ESR1 (Y537S)

* Universal Design for amplicon or hybrid capture workflows and panels *

AccukitTM CRC/NSCLC is available pre-fragmented (for cfDNA, blood, plasma), or, unfragmented (for FFPE/tissues)

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Download the AccukitTM CRC/NSCLC IS Poster


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